Singing the Faith - Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church is an LCMS church preaching Christ crucified for sinners. Located a half mile north of Disneyland at 1421 W. Ball Road in Anaheim, CA.
LCMS Lutheran Church, Prince of Peace Lutheran, Anaheim, Orange County
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Singing the Faith

I’ve heard it said time and time again, good songs and good hymns assist us in singing “The Faith.” They actually hold us to the faith throughout the week as we sing them. They bleed Scripture; they ring of truth; they are an anchor for our soul, holding us to faithfully believe what the Word of God’s teaches about ourselves, about God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, about what it means to be a Christian, and living the life of faith day in and day out, even on our death bed.

Here are a couple of stanzas from a hymn we will sing this Sunday in our early service celebrating All Saints Sunday; It’s a gem. Sometimes the tunes get in the way of the words when we sing songs unfamiliar to us; oftentimes, just reading the words helps to make clear the message and brings out the beauty of the meter and rhyme. I hope these words are encouraging to you and build you up in the one true faith that we share with all those who now are in heaven, the faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, who is their savior and yours.

Sing with All the Saints in Glory

1 Sing with all the saints in glory,

  Sing the resurrection song!

Death and sorrow, earth’s dark story,

  To the former days belong.

All around the clouds are breaking;

  Soon the storms of time shall cease;

In God’s likeness we awaken,

  Knowing everlasting peace.

2 Oh, what glory, far exceeding

  All that eye has yet perceived!

Holiest hearts for ages pleading

  Never that full joy conceived.

God has promised, Christ prepares it;

  There on high our welcome waits.

Ev’ry humble spirit shares it,

  Christ has passed the_eternal gates.

3 Life eternal! Heav’n rejoices:

  Jesus lives who once was dead.

Shout with joy, O deathless voices!

  Child of God, lift up your head!

Life eternal! Oh, what wonders

  Crowd on faith; what joy unknown,

When, amid earth’s closing thunders,

Saints shall stand before the throne!

-Pastor Darrin Sheek

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