About Us

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Prince of Peace is a community of God’s people who are gathered together around God’s Word, the Bible, to share the love of God for all people.  That love of God was shown most powerfully in the life, suffering and death of Jesus Christ for all humanity.  All are welcome to come and join and share in service.

Mission Statement

The mission of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church is winning souls for Christ, working through the power of the Holy Spirit, equipping these people with Christian values, and providing them with opportunities for Christian service.

Vision Statement

To fulfill our mission we are preparing our members for outreach and have ministries where we can put that preparedness to work. Central to church growth is establishing personal relationships with the community and sharing the gospel as the Holy Spirit provides the opportunity. We will raise up the next generation of leaders for continued growth and service to the Lord.

You can contact us at 714-774-0993. We look forward to hearing from you!