We, at Prince of Peace, believe that we are channels for God’s blessings. Our ministries support work locally, regionally, and throughout the world. This includes 100 % of the chapel offerings for the preschool and school.

Among these are:

  1. Mr. Andy Weathers, at Wycliffe Bible Translators, working in Africa
  2. Danielle Putnam, serving in the Dominican Republic.
  3. Michael Ersland,  of the Lutheran Bible Translators
  4. The chapel at UCLA which gives spiritual and emotional care to students at the University of California – Los Angeles
  5. Lutherans Building for Christ and Habitat for Humanity
  6. The Lutheran Malaria Initiative which is seeking to eradicate this parasite which caused the death of about one million children in third world countries each year.
  7. Boy Scouts – Troop 1565 uses our church facilites for their monthly meetings
    • For more information see our Scouts page
  8. Ball Junior High – Free pasta meals Tues/Thurs during the school year.
  9. Santa Ana Home on Edinger Ave.

December 8, 2012 –
(Back row – left to rt.) Maelin, Elaine, Matt, John ;
(Front row – left to rt.) Amanda, Linda