A Note from Our Pastor – November 2017

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“Semper Reformanda”

The 500th anniversary of what many consider the birth of the Protestant Reformation is over. The hymn sings are finished, the television documentaries are now reruns, the church banners are put away in the closet, and the leftover bratwursts are in the freezer awaiting a future microwave meal.

Now what?

Martin Luther had the world’s attention for a few months when Roman Catholics, Protestants, and even the non-churched tipped their hat to the “wild boar” whose boldness turned the western world upside down.

Now what?

I guess the answer to that question really depends on how you understand what was at the heart of the Reformation. If the Protestant Reformation is mainly seen as the liberation of the church from underneath the authority of the traditions of Roman Catholicism, well I guess it succeeded in that; or, if it is understood as a rebellion of the oppressed who sought freedom from the tyranny of a pope who believed he had the divine right to rule both church and state, well it succeeded in that, as well.

Now what?

To be sure, the Protestant Reformation was a movement grounded in history, but it is not trapped in history. What drove Martin Luther, what propelled the Reformation, what turned the religious world on its head was the unbinding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that set prisoners free; freed from man-made traditions, freed from striving to earn God’s favor, freed from the fear of judgment; freed from the condemnation of their sin. That Word can never be trapped or bound when it is proclaimed, and that Word is still setting us free.

So now what?

We continue what our Lord Jesus handed over to his apostles, and what the apostles handed over to others through the Scriptures; we proclaim Christ! We let the Word of Christ have free course among us as we are a church gathered around His Word, as we support and promote the preaching and teaching of Christ’s Word, and be a mouthpiece of the good news of Jesus Christ to those we live in community with. Let this be the heart of Prince of Peace; let this be our mission and our legacy. Semper Reformanda – always reforming – not history repeating itself but Christ keeping his promise to set prisoners free, and if the Son sets you free, you are free indeed. Amen!

Pastor Darrin Sheek

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