A Note from Our Pastor – October 2017

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“I did nothing; the Word did everything.”

This is Martin Luther’s simple explanation of how the religious and political word in his time was turned upside down. Not through military force, not though compelling people to believe what he preached taught or wrote; No, he simply was a faithful mouthpiece of the Gospel, and the Word did everything.

The Word of the Lord is the only authority that the church has. The Word of Christ is the only power that the church has. That is a humbling thought; and yet, it is the truth. It is the only authority that a pastor has, and it is the only power a pastor has. We can kid ourselves into thinking that through our own manipulations, projects, programs, and man-made customs and laws that we can grow Christ’s church and create new members apart from the Gospel of Christ, but you and I would be dead wrong; more than that, I would be an unfaithful pastor.

As we reflect on and celebrate the 500 anniversary of the Reformation, and as we consider how the Reformation is still relevant for us today, let us take Dr. Luther’s bold confession to heart: the Word does everything. My dear friends, let us be people of His Word in all that we do: in how we worship, in what is taught, in what is preached, in how we educate, in our outward mission to our community. If we are faithful to keeping the good news of our Lord the center of all that we do, how can we possibly fail? And who knows, it just might start a reformation among us and in the world around us!

Pastor Sheek

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